ChrisTV PVR Standard

ChrisTV PVR Standard 5.80

Personal video recording software with advanced controls

ChrisTV PVR Standard is basically a personal video recording program that allows a user to record the programs or videos from analog TV tuner cards, graphics cards or from the direct video inputs.

It allows a user to capture the video experiences of multiple input devices. In addition to basic direct video recording, ChrisTV PVR Standard features a time-shifting option which is compatible with almost all the codecs supported by the hardware.

Users can also delete or edit the videos while recording them. It has advanced features like a sleep timer, recording scheduler, fine-tuning to customize the channels, etc.

Moreover, ChrisTV PVR Standard supports many different international languages so one can easily surf through its user menu and personalize the features to the appropriate compatibility level.

In short, ChrisTV PVR Standard is a video recording program that offers an interface with various useful features, offering a range of video recording controls with multiple options.

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ChrisTV PVR Standard


ChrisTV PVR Standard 5.80